diameter 120 cm
diameter 120 cm 100% jersey cotton

Soft Playmat and Storage Bag Miffy

Dhs. 299.00


SOFT Playmat and Storage Bag from PLAY AND GO

Discover the ultimate 3in1 soft line from Play&Go.

This Soft collection that combines baby play mat, toy storage bag, and convenient diaper bag, certainly a must-have baby accessory.  The collection features an animal theme that quickly wins over the hearts of both mothers and little ones alike.

The unique 3 in 1 playmat is made of high-quality soft jersey cotton which is near-impossible not to love.  It is a full 120 cm in diameter and features a removable shoulder strap, allowing it to be carried on the shoulder or attached to a baby stroller depending on need and preference.  The inside features baby-fun animals the peacock, polar bear, penguin, and lama, while the outside displays four mom friendly, attractive, choices.  Overall a win-win for both ends of the family.

Play&Go has been sure to make the product baby-safe, with a cotton flap cover that makes sure a baby is not able to access its rope.


  • Diameter 120 cm
  • 100% jersey cotton
  • Double side printed
  • Diamond stitching on the outside
  • Padded