Great for beach and anywhere outing.
Great for beach and anywhere outing. Playmat and Storage Bag Outdoor Balloon Diameter 140 cm Easy to use. One side printed and water resistant

Outdoor Playmat and Storage Bag Balloon

Dhs. 229.00


OUTDOOR Playmat and Storage Bag from PLAY AND GO

Great waterproof outdoor bag with ballon print.

When it’s time to play outdoors, don’t hesitate to grab this waterproof beachbag with an adorable print of balloons and pinwheels. These tiny whimsical graphics sit on a solid tan background with a navy blue contrasting border. Fill the beachbag with your kids favorite outside toys and watch them enjoy their time on this stylish and sturdy outdoor toy mat. Definitely the most stylish outdoor play mat for outside! Time to go? Simply pull on the rope and everything is gathered neatly into it. The adjustable shoulder strap makes it easier to carry and the bag is also provided with a sand/dirt escape hole so no extra kg’s to carry.


  • Diameter 140 cm
  • 90% polyester - 10% TPU
  • One side printed
  • Water resistant