KIDYMUSIC Sam <br/> portable speaker
KIDYMUSIC Sam <br/> portable speaker KIDYMUSIC Sam <br/> portable speaker

KIDYMUSIC Sam portable speaker

Dhs. 119.00


KIDYMUSIC Sam Portable Speaker from KIDYWOLF

Learning with sound.
Whether a pirate, astronaut, or mechanic, KIDYMUSIC will be the perfect companion for moments of relaxation, learning, car trips, or plane journeys.

Bluetooth & SD card slot
Who said that style and technology were incompatible? Bluetooth, cable, or micro USB, this speaker is super-connected.

3 character shapes: the mechanic, the pirate, and the astronaut

Each of these characters has a unique appearance and a distinct personality. The powerful sound of their voices will surprise you.

Sam, the pirate: Fearless and daring, Sam is not afraid to take risks. Sam means ‘the one who hears’ in Hebrew.

Lea, the mechanic: Resourceful, ingenious, and determined, Lea is a strong-willed woman. Lea means ‘joyful’ in Latin.

Nova, the astronaut: Curious and imaginative, Nova is a true astronaut ready to explore the unknown. Nova means ‘new star’ in Latin

Made from recycled plastic
Children’s speakers should also be environmentally friendly. That’s why KIDYMUSIC is made from recycled plastic