XXL <br/> Poster <br/> My Body
XXL <br/> Poster <br/> My Body XXL <br/> Poster <br/> My Body XXL <br/> Poster <br/> My Body
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XXL Poster My Body

Dhs. 140.00


XXL Poster from OMY

XXL is the best support to have the most realistic and fun representation of a human body. Kids and adults can compare themselves to the graphism and even lie on it! This product is fun and useful in a bedroom and totally educative in a classroom. It's definitely a recreational way to understand the use and place of every organ.

Learn about the human body with a vast number of fun little details where organs come to life and become funny little beings: kidneys are twins, the muscle is showing off, the brain works on a little computer and a lung is kissing the heart.

For the first time, OMY creates this kind of realistic scale with a growthchart to follow the evolution over the months.

  • Format Unrolled : 1 x 1.80 m
  • Composition 120gr/m² offset paper
  • Made in France by OMY