Wobbel <br/> Starter <br/> Baby Mouse
Wobbel <br/> Starter <br/> Baby Mouse Wobbel <br/> Starter <br/> Baby Mouse
Dhs. 490.00

Starter Board from WOBBEL

The NEW Wobbel Starter - The same delight, just a little smaller and lighter. The perfect "first size" Wobbel - best suited to children aged 0-3. Just like all Wobbels, the Starter inspires creativity, and pushes the boundaries of your childs imagination. Not forgetting the benefits through strength building, co-ordination, balance, mobility and motor skills.

There really isn't anything that the Wobbel Board isnt good for! Wobbel Starter - For children aged 0+3

  • Small babies and children should always be supervised whilst using Wobbel Boards.
  • We also recommend small children using their boards on a soft surface - a playmat or carpet for example.
  • The Wobbel Starter can hold up to 100kgs



Note: this product is arriving beginning of September 2020