Wobbel <br/> Pro <br/> Wild Rose Felt
Wobbel <br/> Pro <br/> Wild Rose Felt Wobbel <br/> Pro <br/> Wild Rose Felt Wobbel <br/> Pro <br/> Wild Rose Felt
Dhs. 670.00

Pro Board from WOBBEL

The NEW Wobbel Pro is the big sister to the Original Wobbel. Instead of wool felt on the bottom of the board, the Pro is made with recycled felt - making it harder wearing.

Made from pressed beechwood the Wobbel Board is the most versatile, yet purposeful toy to arrive in your playspace. 

Age and gender friendly, there really are no rules when using the Wobbel. The open ended nature of the Wobbel inspires creativity, and pushes the boundaries of your littles imagination. Physically, the Wobbel supports building strength, co-ordination, balance, mobility and motor skills. 

Wobbel Pro - For children aged 0+

  • Small babies and children should always be supervised whilst using Wobbel Boards.
  • We also recommend small children using their boards on a soft surface - a playmat or carpet for example.
  • The recommended age to move to to the Wobbel XL is 7 - or 140cm in height