Wallpaper <br/> Floral <br/> Peacock
Wallpaper <br/> Floral <br/> Peacock Wallpaper <br/> Floral <br/> Peacock Wallpaper <br/> Floral <br/> Peacock
Dhs. 990.00

Wallpaper from LILIPINSO

Technical details:

Wallpaper printed on non-woven paper. 

The nonwoven is a high  quality material, being something between paper and textile fabric. 

Solid and durable. 

Can be placed on not smooth surfaces.

Product composed of 2 rolls:  

Each roll contains 4 panels of 50x248cm to assemble together (panel 1 to 4) 

  1. Cut the panels according to the dotted lines
  2. Respect the order of the panels for installation
  3. Center the drawing according to the height of your wall
  4. Follow the attached installation instructions to hang your wallpaper
  • Material: Non-woven paper 
  • Packaging : under shrink-wrapped
  • Made in France
  • Euroclasse B, A+ certification
  • Fire-resistant, complies with environmental standards norms.

Note: This product is printed on order. Production and delivery will take 2/3 weeks from France.

*Order will proceed after 50% payment

*Installation is not included

*a 50 cm decallage is needed, please always consider one extra rolls if you are not sure