Bedside Crib Mattress from Childhome
Bedside Crib Mattress from Childhome polyether foam for bedside crib bedside crib accessory
Dhs. 195.00

Basic Bedside Crib Mattress from Childhome

The Childwood basic safe sleeper is provided with all the essential safety requirements to fulfill the necessary safety of your dearest. This Basic Safe Sleeper mattress uses a high-quality polyether foam to create a good, resilient and firm sleeping surface, which is essential for a comfortable and good night sleep.

The fabric used for this Safe Sleeper has all the essential hygienic, anti-allergic and breathability properties a mattress should have to provide your baby with a clean, healthy and safe sleeping environment.



CORE: high-quality polyether foam (17kg/m³)
TICK: 65% cotton, 35% polyester
FINISHING : non removable cover

The polyether has the advantage of firmness
Impact strength and comfort are good

DIMENSIONS: 92 x 52 x 5 cm


COMPOSITION: CORE: polyether foam (17kg/m³)

MAINTENANCE: Not washable

Develop to fit the Bedside Crib