Eiffel Tower in silver with glitters in a night lamp from La Tete Dans Le Bocal
Dhs. 460.00

Eiffel Tower Silver Glitter from La Tête dans le Bocal

La Tête dans le Bocal is a very young kids interior design brand. The Jar lamps were born out of Valerie and Fabrice's bright idea that they should preserve the toys of their childhood in a beautiful way. So they put them into a "Le Parfait" jar, that is itself customised with a socket and a lovely electrical cord, and made a fun and original lamp that we fell in love with! 

  • Fabrics : Glass, Plastic, Metal
  • Bulb: Screw-in led bulb
  • Details : LED bulb, Fabric cord to match the figure, Le Parfait jar, Figurine inside
  • UAE electric plug socket with switch
  • Height : 12,5 cm, Diameter : 9,5 cm, Cable length: 180 cm.

Take care with the risks of burning associated with using bulbs that are unsuitable or too powerful.