Holdie <br/> Folk <br/> Fern
Holdie <br/> Folk <br/> Fern Holdie <br/> Folk <br/> Fern Holdie <br/> Folk <br/> Fern
Dhs. 75.00

Holdie Folk from Olli Ella

Meet Fern: Confident, sassy, and outspoken, Fern is Holdie Land’s most colorful character. Fern is usually found laughing and entertaining her friends with her funny faces, her dancing, and her outlandish clothes (which she makes herself). Fern is loved by all in Holdie Land because she is so very kind too.

  • Each Holdie Folk are fully posable and made from cotton and wool with polyester filling
  • The Holdie Folk come dressed in their favorite removable linen outfit and cotton underwear
  • Holdie Folk are all handmade, so some variation will occur
  • Holdie Folk come in individual boxes free from plastic packaging
  • Age recommendation: 3+
  • Product Care: Surface clean only with a cool, damp cloth. No bleach. Air dry flat. Do not iron. Do not dry clean