Hair & Body Wash <br/> 33 Oz/975mL
Dhs. 245.00

Hair & Body Wash, 33 Oz, from Original Sprout

For babies , up.

Dandruff shampoo, oil, picking, combing can irritate baby's sensitive scalp. Make bath time easy, enjoyable with our gentle yet effective formula. Leaves scalp, skin , hair ultra soft, silky , hydrated. Free of Hormone Disrupter's Free of Fruit Extracts , Honey Gluten, Soy , Nano Particle Free 100% Vegan PH Balanced Gentle on Eyes , Ultra Moisturizing No Numbing Agents , Sensitive for Sprouts For Eczema , Dry Skin Helps Soothe Seborrhea , Eliminates Cradle Cap Hydrates Dry Flaky Skin Helps Clear Baby Dandruff , Helps Clear Scalp Build-Up For Frizzy, Static Prone Hair Non Oily or Greasy Detangles , Dry Hair Frizzy, Static Prone Baby Hair Parched, Fragile or Dry Scalp Cortisone, SLS, Paraben Free No Combing/Brushing Required With Natural , Organic Ingredients