Character <br/> Cushion <br/> Khaleeji Abaya Lady

Character Cushion Khaleeji Abaya Lady

Dhs. 89.00


Character Cushion from LITTLE MAJLIS

Meet Little Majlis' abaya clad khaleeji lady.

This sweet little character is made from 100% cotton calico fabric and can be used as a cushion or a toy. This Emirati character is silk screen printed on the front in dark grey. The back of the cushion has a ghutra (Arabian head scarf) design silk screen printed in blue. It is filled with 100% new polyester stuffing. The seam is stitched closed and the fabric can be gently spot cleaned if required. The khaleeji character cushions are available in abaya lady (with blue backing), kandoora man (with green backing) and bisht man (with pink backing). Pair them or toss them on your sofa with a few camel character cushions.

  • Weight 0.15 kg
  • Dimensions 8 × 18 × 28 cm
  • Materials 100% cotton, polyester stuffing
  • Made in United Arab Emirates