Changing table and bath tube plus bucket
Changing table and bath tube plus bucket melt in your baby bedroom interior those 2 elements can be seperated for more comfort
Dhs. 1,695.00


Practical nursing table consisting of two separate parts. On the upper part, a changing cushion (44x70cm) can be placed. The lower part is equipped with a baby bath and an extra shelf for storage. This lower part is easy to move because of the wheels underneath. 

An extra shelf is included to install the Baby Tub Bucket instead of the baby bath.

Changing cushion and Baby Tub are not included.

ATTENTION: The changing cushion that is needed for this changing table is smaller than the standard changing cushion by Childwood.

DIMENSIONS: 44 x 70 x 106 cm 

EN-NORM : EN 12221

COMPOSITION : Particle board - Bath: PP

MAINTENANCE : Use a damp cloth and dry immediately.