Cabin <br/> Bunk <br/> Bed
Cabin <br/> Bunk <br/> Bed Cabin <br/> Bunk <br/> Bed Cabin <br/> Bunk <br/> Bed Cabin <br/> Bunk <br/> Bed
Dhs. 7,350.00

Cabin Bunk Bed from HALF PAST TREE

A Half Past Tree solution to ... gain space!

We get that children need room to play and a comfy safe bed to dream and grow. The Bunk Beds are sturdy, aesthetic and fun, offering your children more play space. 

Choose the colour that best compliments your space and let the children dream and play! 

A Solid wood structure, painted with long-lasting and fade resistant colours to compliment your exterior design. 

If you have a specific colour requirement or need to customize the size to fit your existing mattress, we’ll be happy to discuss a bespoke solution for you. 

Dimensions: 2.22L x 1.75D x 2.31H meters

Delivery Lead Time: 3 weeks

Important Note: Half Past Tree beds are not designed for playing. We recommend that you guide your children with the use of the bed no matter how playful the designs appear. Mattress and accessories are not included.

*Note: Order proceeds after 50% down payment. Not eligible for return, exchange, and non-cancellable after order is confirmed.