Easily to open
Easily to open Comfortable to wear No allergens for babies its organic cotton Comes in different sizes

Breastfeeding Long Sleeve Shirt Open Bar

Dhs. 290.00


Breastfeeding Long Sleeve Shirt from TAJINEBANANE

You know the good addresses, those amazing bars where you enter with your team like the Spice Girls... lights, atmosphere...

Those were the days, when you woke up in the morning after a big party and checked your phone to make sure you hadn't called the whole world or harassed your best friend at 6am because you couldn't find your keys...

Now you've got your baby, you're more looking for small hipster cafés in the area, those kid-friendly places where you can give other mums a friendly look as you put your little one to your breast and read a good book...

We don't miss those days, because now it's the baby who empties the bar.

  • Machine washable at 30°, inside-out
  • 95% organic cotton 5% elastane
  • Double openings + zips for closures
  • Tajinebanane interior material overlay on the inside of the openings to ensure maximum discretion.
  • Made in Portugal.
  • Certificate OEKO-TEX®