bell gable cabintet design from this is dutch
bell gable cabintet design from this is dutch amsterdam inspired cabinet in pink
Dhs. 3,104.00

Pink Bellgable Cabinet from This is Dutch

The Amsterdam collection from This is Dutch is a Dutch design of multi-functional storae cabinets for children. The design of these cabinets is inspired by the unique architecture of the Amsterdam canal houses from the seventeenth century.

These timeless pieces can be used for multiple purposes and in different settings. Whether you use them for storage of clothes and toys of your children, for coats and shoes in your hallway, or as a bookcase in your study; these cabinets bring a unique character to any space.

Available in 3 colors (white, blue and pink) and 2 shapes (Bellgable and Stairgable designs).  

  • Made of high-grade MDF with low HAP paints. 
  • 180/50/50cm
  • 3 Shelves + Clothing bar 

On pre-order only - 4/6 weeks delivery time