Bahamas necklace turquoise is long necklace with bell clasp
Bahamas necklace turquoise is long necklace with bell clasp Do the trend on layering with 5 micron gold plated Can be bracelet as well
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BAHAMAS Necklace Turquoise

Dhs. 925.00



BAHAMAS in turquoise and 5 micron gold plated can be worn in several ways. As a long necklace, as a double short necklace and as a multi-turn bracelet.

Turquoise is revered by Native Americans who considered it a sacred stone; it eliminates negative waves by converting them into positive energy.

BAHAMAS also exists in multicolored tourmalines and yellow opal:

The yellow opal removes negativity and emotional excesses to install fullness and mental balance which help to overcome blockages and above all to act with wisdom and compassion. A stone of overcoming, it gives the strength to overcome spiritual pride and the constraints of the ego to stimulate inner energies and invest in new experiences.

Tourmaline is reputed to protect habitats against bad waves, whether of technological origin (wifi network, mobile phones, etc.) or natural, such as the harmful zones of the Hartmann network, this electromagnetic grid that would cover the Earth.

  • Clasp: A bell
  • Measure: 86cm