Black Car Seat iZi Go Modular from Babyzen
Black Car Seat iZi Go Modular from Babyzen attachable baby car seat from babyzen
Dhs. 1,295.00

Black Car Seat iZi Go Modular from Babyzen

Designed to be a real cocoon for your baby, with a special focus on safety, comfort, and practicality. Blending French BABYZEN design with Scandinavian BeSafe® safety, this car seat is the perfect solution for easily transporting your newborn while keeping him/her safe. 

Whether you are driving a car, taking a taxi, or a friend is dropping you off in town, worrying what to do with your car seat when you leave the vehicle is no longer an issue. Connect it to your YOYO+ stroller in just two clicks. Now you can go for a walk or a ride while baby rests quietly in his/her seat, safely snuggled in his/her little nest.