Ayin Ruby Zoisite purple and green marbled stone
Ayin Ruby Zoisite purple and green marbled stone Perfect for layering Match on any outfit Adjustable length
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AYIN Pendant Rubis Zoisite

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AYIN is in Ruby Zoisite and 5 micron gold plated. the iris is ruby.

Rubis -zoisite is a natural purple and green marbled stone. So that none of the AYINs is similar to the other; they are all unique.

It is a stone rich in protection which allows to increase motivation and energy thanks to the natural association and the balancing of the two complementary forces of zoisite (green color symbol of positive energy) and ruby ​​(color red embodying strength, authority and courage). Powerful basic stone and vitality, Rubiszoisite, symbol of love (spiritual heart), energizes both body and mind.

  • Measurement (adjustable chain): 38-43cm