Caramel & Sun, the UAE expert for children’s design furniture,
allows parents to create their child’s bespoke universe. 

Caramel” because it is as sweet as childhood, and “Sun” because we live right under it, and what’s prettier than this golden morning sun shining gently through the curtains of the children’s room?

Caramel and Sun is about the place where you feel safe, the place where you let yourself dream and imagine, the place you start off as a child and go back to for your own children.

It’s the room you walk into early morning to pick up your sweet smelling child, the place you start in as a child and walk out of as an adult.

It’s the sweetest place in the world where the light of a caramel sun gently shines through the curtains; it is your child’s room, and everyone’s room.

“Long-term Dubai residents and passionate about Design, we were craving for design furniture for our children’s bedrooms at the time of becoming parents”

Paul is a furniture design professional and a dad-to-be, Olivia a marketing manager for a luxury group and mum of 2 little girls. A couple of months ago she decides to take the plunge and associates with Paul so to pursue her dream, and equipped with their experience and passion, they start collaborating with trendy European design brands that they introduce to the Middle East.

“Caramel & Sun is a unique adventure that I am lucky to be joining!" 

With a background in the luxury beauty industry where she has been a busy Sales and Marketing professional for years, she is now joining Caramel & Sun as managing partner. But Magali is also a young mum-of-three and maintaining the right subtle balance between her professional and personal life is essential. The safest way to perform on the long term!

… and Joan & Wea, our lovely staff…They are great, they are sweet, and they cannot wait to present you the collection in our store.



 You can find us in several places around the city. Find them here



Wether it is by email, on social media or over the phone, we will always do our best to get the answer you need!

Mercato:  +971(0)4 224 7189 
      Olivia:      +971(0)50 654 8106
      Magali:    +971(0)52 402 0735